green Marion + first post EXCITEMENT ! ! 1 !

Watch out, we’re gettin’ into it!


So, I knitted a cardigan. What else is new? I’m a big cardigan enthusiast, in fact, I rarely knit anything else.

This pattern is Marion by Andi Satterlund and it took me, for some reason, a heck of a long time to finish. I started it in that sexy moment of the semester right before finals start bearing down on you and it feels as though the world is your damn oyster. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Of course it was set aside in the face of actual academic committments, such as, and I kid you not, knitting a different sweater for an art class. Which, by the way, was super fun until I realized I was knitting for a grade, on a deadline, after which point it really stopped being fun. Anyway. That’s another story. I think it must have just been the stress of the end of the semester, but every time I looked at this thing sitting on the shelf, unfinished, I just couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm and dove into new things, like knitting a shrug, some socks, and crocheting some watermelon pot holders. I only picked this up because I feel a great sense of anxiety associated with WIPs. Long story short, I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, waiting around on finishing this thing because IT IS A GOSH DARN BEAUTY!!!

Let’s sneak a peek at those cables eh?


Oh great day in the morning. I have to admit, when I first saw this sweater I thought the cables were a little weird, but my goodness if they aren’t some of the most flattering cables stitches every to grace my chest. Seriously though, as much as I love cables and um, I LOVE cables, I get a little antsy knitting something lacking cables, they don’t always draw a flattering pattern up a curvy woman’s body. They certainly aren’t unflattering, but given that aran sweaters were traditionally made for men, aran patterns tend to be a little up and down. These cables, on the other hand, draw such a soft, elegant line up and down the body and around the boobs. Really! It’s pretty in pictures, but lovely in person.


I do think the back is a little big. Since the construction of this sweater involved knitting the back and front seperately and then joining them at the armpits, I think if I made this sweater again (which I very well may, it has Christmas written allll over it) I would knit a smaller size for the back.



Whatever. It’s behind me, so I can’t in all honestly say I give a shit.


The dress is a lady skater, in case you’re wondering. I found the fabric at a second hand store. Do yourself a favor and MAKE ONE.


Here’s the back side of the button band – I just sewed through both buttons. I like doing this to secure the buttons on the knitted fabric. I know some people use grosgrain ribbon, but I really have trouble with that method – the button band always ends up wibbly and stretched out. Anyway, this is always a detail I’m excited about seeing on vintage or higher-end garments, and I always have spare buttons laying around.

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